Apr 7, 2011

Confused Over Mother's Day

While I was browsing through FB last Sunday night, I momentarily panicked as I saw a few people greeting, Happy Mother's day to their Moms. And since I've been so disoriented with dates these days, I was sad for awhile when I thought that Mother's Day has just passed without me greeting my Mom. But then, when I saw the date stamp in our PC, it was only April. As far as I know, Mother's day has always been in May ( unless they changed it without telling me! LOL!)

It's a good thing that Mr. Google is always available for inquiries and so, I searched for Mother's Day 2011 and he confirmed that this year it's on the 2nd Sunday of May. Whew! Only then, I found out that some countries in the Middle East celebrate Mother's Day in April.

So, we still have a month to go before Mother's Day. So, we can still plan out what we want to do on this day. If you want to send Mother's Day flowers then better plan out as early as now, lest you forget. ;)

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