Oct 31, 2009

In Love With Minnie Mouse

"Tis Mimi Mouse! Tis Mimi Mouse!", my 2 year old boy says. That actually means, " Kiss Minnie Mouse. During our Disneyland trip, I think my li'l boy's highlight for the trip would be taking a photo with Minnie mouse, hugging and kissing her. After our photo session, he really cried hard and wanted to just be with her. We had to forcefully take him away from the kiosk.

He stopped crying when we were already going to a different part of the park and let him just walk all by himself. But as 'clever' as he is, he started running back to where Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse were and cried, 'Mimi Mouse! Mimi Mouse!'.. LOL! I had to run after the love struck boy and get him back to where we were going. ;)

* All photos to follow soon.. my netbook has a virus and we can't slot in our borrowed SD card ( with all our photos) inside.


litlit said...

Eagerly waiting for the photos. :-)

Muhammad Amir said...

That actually means, " Kiss Minnie Mouse. During our Disneyland trip, minnie mouse invitations

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