Jan 29, 2009

Of Pictures, Trips and Cameras

We're going to Iligan this Saturday! yipeee!! My Hubby can finally see for himself some of the beautiful spots in Iligan. We're excited for this trip even if it's just a day trip. I haven't been to Iligan for years and I'm glad to go back there again.

And of course, the trip won't be complete without me taking photos right? That reminds me to bring the camera ( that we just borrowed from our friend) to the repair shop. The camera was just working fine earlier but then, it also got a bit wet from the flood. It was actually one of the things I 'saved' and put inside my bag ( with my documents) but then we had to cross the part where the water was until the waist. So, somehow the water was able to go inside my bag and made the camera wet. Anyways, I'm sure it'll get repaired. I just need to spare some time sending it to the shop.

And speaking of photos and cameras, wouldn't it be great of most memorable photos be saved and displayed in a Ceiva digital photo frames? I've hear that these frames are great since 1) it automatically displays photos sent directly to the frame from family and friends, then 2) there's no PC or internet required — perfect for parents, grandparents and everyone else, 3)It connects to an existing phone line — just plug, play and enjoy! 4) It has an 8-inch frame — traditional look to beautifully complement any home or office setting. And not to mention, they have a new offer right now: frame for only 29.99 with purchase of year subscription to picture plan. That's picture perfect!

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Footloose said...

Tooo bad the camera got wet with the flood, it was that bad eh...

Pls join me at Saturday Footwear Fever this week.