Oct 23, 2014



My son turned 7 last week and he was  really so excited about it.  During his birthday, we just gave a small treat to his classmates in the midterm english workshop but we will have his birthday party this coming Sunday at sunday school. 

As requested, we're going to have a Spiderman party and he also asked me to bake a Spiderman cake for him. So now, I'm cracking my head on how to make his spiderman cake as the 'samples' he showed me were just so complicated.

Teacher's Training

A few weeks ago, I attended a very helpful training. It's more like a teacher's training but its not limited to classroom teaching. It's teaching on a broader sense but the methods and tools that I've learned are really very good. We were also taught on how to design a learning curriculum. The steps where good and quite easy to apply. You can use the designs and tool anywhere from teaching english to teaching music with all the musical stuff like vox ac4  .

We are going to have a training at the end of next month and I'm excited to apply those learning too!

Christmas Wish List

Since Christmas is almost here and I'm so much in the mood to think about Christmas now, maybe I'll need to start making my Christmas wish list. It'll be good to think about what I really want to have before the year ends so that our purchases will be more intentional. You know those times when you plan to buy something for yourself and then you get some extra monetary blessings and then forget about your 'wish list' and then at the end of the day you realized you just spent your money on things that were not so important. 
What's in your wish list? Would they be mesh drum heads or electric appliances?