Jul 4, 2016

Settling Down in Malaysia

It's our 3rd day here in Malaysia. Yes, 3 days out of the hundreds of not thousands of days that we will be here since we will be settling in Malaysia. It's an exciting time for our family at the same time 'scary' time too. It's just that feeling of not knowing what's ahead since we are on new ground. But rest assured, God is with us. I believe He has gone before us and our future are in His hands. 

Found the Lost Bread

I've always been wanting to try out the overload shakes at the Lost Bread after reading reviews about them in Zomato. I've also heard about the great restaurants in Maginhawa St. and been planning to go there. It was only when my Hubby's prof. invited us for dinner at  Friuli Trattoria that we finally set foot in that famous street.

Anyways, after a delicious dinner ( I'll post about that next time) at Friuli Trattoria, we decided to take a bit of a walk before riding a taxi. And lo and behold, the Lost Bread is just a few steps across the Fruili Trattoria. I was so excited. We accidentally found the Lost Bread! And even if we're still full from dinner, I dragged my family to the shop and ordered the Carousel overflow shake,

So there it is! The kids loved it.. and of course, I love it too! .. if only we were not leaving to Malaysia the next day.. I would want to go back to the restaurant over and over again.. and not to mention explore the other restaurants along Maginhawa too! There are book cafe's there, restaurants with live bands, small 2nd hand books shops and maybe even small specialty stores that sells a lot of things from mobile accessories to strings of a guitar.

Mar 24, 2016

A Blessed Holy Week to All!

It has been 3 months since I last posted in this blog, the last post was during the Christmas season and now it's already the Lenten season. The season that reminds us of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. For 2 days ( Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) most of the malls and establishments are closed. This will be the best time for us to pause, think and do some reflections. So, for today there's nothing much for us but just stay home, maybe we will just turn on some reflective music without jx , and just take time to rest and reflect.
Have a blessed Holy Week to all!