Oct 19, 2014

Making a Home Movie With Movavi’s Video Editing Software

Video Editor
A movie editing software is something without which you can’t make a home movie at all. Movavi’s movie editing software has a very simple user interface; you’ll be able to use it properly even if you have no prior experience of editing videos. You’ll be able to make an outstanding home movie from even unremarkable photos and videos by using this software.
You’ll be able to make a home movie using Movavi’s video editing software by following the steps given below:

  • ·         First you’ll have to download the installation file from the Movavi website and install the program.
  • ·         After you’ve launched the program, you’ll need to add the photos and videos with which you’ll be making your movie. You can do that by clicking on the “add media files” option. You won’t have to worry if the software would support a certain file format because Movavi video editor supports almost all popular video and audio formats. Movavi video editor can also edit 3D video files, you’ll be able to edit 3D videos by clicking on “Add 3D” button.
  • ·         Storyboard and Timeline are two ways by which you can edit your videos in Movavi video editor. You can use the storyboard mode to either divide an existing video into two or join multiple videos and add various effects and transition effects. You’ll be able to do more advanced editing in the Timeline mode. Timeline lets you add audio, video and title tracks to your movie
  • ·         To make a movie in storyboard mode, you’ll have to drag and drop video files on the panel located at the bottom, after that you’ll have to arrange them by dragging.
  • ·         In the storyboard mode, you can add transition effects between two video clips by clicking on the “Fades” option, choosing an effect and dragging and dropping it between the two videos.
  • ·         If making a music video is what you have in mind then you’ll have to drag and drop your music files on the timeline board located at the bottom. You can make sound fade in and out by clicking on the “fade in/out” button, after that you’ll have to adjust the speed and volume of the sound.
  • ·         To add titles to your video you’ll have to click on the “Titles” icon and subsequently choose a style you like. after you’ve made your choice, you’ll have right click on it and choose the place where you want them to appear, you can choose to put them on a blank screen either before the start of your movie or after the end of it, you’ll have to click on either “add to the start of the video track” option or “add to the end of the video track” option. Or you can put the title over the video, in which case you’ll have to click on the “add to the title track” option. You can adjust the duration of appearance of the title by stretching it.
  • ·         After you’ve made the changes, you can save the file in any format you need.

Oct 4, 2014

Travelling Alone

I'm going for a women's conference next week which means I'm going to travel all by myself. I would very much prefer to travel with family but since I'm the only one going for the conference, it's more practical to go on my own.

Which means I'll be travelling my bus on my own. Hubby already bought my ticket and he made sure to get the morning bus so, I'll arrive at my destination before dark. My sure the bus i'll be riding has good headlights with xtralights installation guide but I guess it's really better to travel during the day.

Thinking about traveling by myself now feels a bit weird. After being married and with kids, this is only my 3rd time to travel without them. Anyways, I'll take this as an opportunity for a break from all the mommy and homeschool duties and I'll try to make the most out of it. :)

Sep 25, 2014

More Lights in our Patio

My handyman hubby strikes again! Recently he just made a set of DIY lights in our patio. This time he used small birdcages as  'lamps'. With more lights outside our house, it does seem our house is the brightest house in the neighborhood.

But with these extra yellow lights, our patio looks cozier and we even find ourselves hanging out there more often. Maybe next time we need to buy buy crinkle taffeta table linens here so, we can 'dine outside' and have a great time with family!