Jul 19, 2015

A Big Celebration

Even if I've been in Malaysia several times, I still have a lot of things to learn and discover. 

Just the other night, I thought there was a big celebration in a neighbor's house when they have a portion of the road closed with tables and chairs around. There was even a little stage where I imagined live bands with paf humbuckers. So, I thought there was a wedding or a birthday that's going to happen. But to my surprise, it's actually a wake of a funeral. And I thought events like these are supposed to be solemn and quiet. But as I compared with my experience in the Philippines, there are moments during the wake that's solemn and quiet but there are also moments that are noisy and joyful, especially during the times when all the relatives gather together. And what's more important is the solace and comfort that the bereaved family are getting from the friends and relatives around. 

May 20, 2015

Magic Eye 3D

Our family recently went to the Magic Eye 3D museum here in Hat Yai and it was truly a fun experience! The exciting part of the experience is actually how you would act in front of the camera to make the drawing more real. It's good that our kids are also enjoy the make believe so they really enjoyed our tour. I was the 'official' photographer so I ended up getting confused at times as to who to shoot first as everyone's seemed to be in position ready for the camera.

If given a chance, we would visit 3D museums in different cities and locations. Anyways, before I  go I still have to read what  about mesa boogie 12ax7 is about.  

Feb 20, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends! 
Even  though if we're in the south of Thailand, we can still feel the celebration of the Chinese New Year here. Like in the Philippines, many of the businesses here are owned by Chinese-Thai businessmen and so during this week many of the restaurants and other shops will be closed.

The other night, we have seen a lot of families celebrating the New Year with parties, singing with or without instruments like hohner melodica, fireworks and food! Oh, I just remember our New Years celebration with family in the Philippines last year. I know this celebration must be a very big thing for our Chinese friends too just like how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. 

Anyways, once again, Happy New Year!!