Aug 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm grateful for today! It marks the year here on earth! I'm grateful to God for all the experiences that I have for the past years. Indeed, I have seen how God has protected, provided and given us so much of His love and grace in my life. Of course, the past years haven't all be 'happy' ones but still I'm grateful for those sad moments, because it's through them that I learned to have faith, to trust and overcome. 
I'm grateful to how GOd has molded me for the past years.. I'm grateful for the family, friends and loved ones that surround me. Thank You Lord and I give you all the glory, honor and praise! :)

Of Songs and Hums

For most of the day our 'radio' (KLove online radio) is on. So, it's no wonder when my kids are very familiar with all the songs from the stations. If the radio is off, I even find them singing or humming the songs that they've heard. 
It's nice to expose the kids to different types of music. During homeschool hours, we usually turn on the classical music. But if given an option, they like to listen to the contemporary songs rather than the classical ones. As of now, my kids just appreciate music. I'm not sure when they will have more interest to play musical instruments and would want to visit Musicians friend.

Jul 21, 2014

Loomband Craze

I've been seeing loombands in my Facebook newsfeed since Summer and was curious about it. And finally, I found some from Lazada Thailand. So, I surprised my daughter with it and it turned out that she's not the only one enjoying them but also my 6 year old son. Now I know why the kids love doing the loomband. It's quite fun and it really gives them a sense of accomplishment for doing something on their own and giving them away to friends. :)